The FCCSS is coordinated by researchers from the Team “Cancer & Radiation” in the Centre For Research In Epidemiology And Population Health at INSERM (Unit 1018). The team is located in Gustave Roussy, the first French cancer centre to have a paediatric ward, in 1950. The team includes epidemiologists, physicists, biostatisticians, social scientists and computer scientists, who work in close collaboration with paediatricians and radiation therapists from the hospital. The FCCSS is a cohort led by a multidisciplinary steering committee. This committee consists of researchers and clinician members of the French Society of Childhood and adolescent Cancer (SFCE). Access to data of the cohort is possible for any doctor or researcher from the participating centres offering a scientific project approved by the Scientific Council. The FCCSS cohort is now integrated into the HOPE-EPI platform (Epidemiological Research in Paediatric Haematology-Oncology), in partnership with the National Cancer Childhood Registry (RNCE). The RNCE consists of the National Register of Haematological malignancies of the Child (RNHE), based in the Paul Brousse Hospital in Villejuif, and the National Registry of Tumours Child Solids (RNTSE), based at the University Hospital of Nancy.


Equipe "Cancer & radiation" U1018

Team “Cancer & radiation” CESP U1018